Garage Doors Service San Diego

Mike 01/08/2013

Garage Door Service San Diego


Who really thinks about your garage door in San Diego, other than when it doesn't work?  We do!  

We've heard the story every day.  You go to pull your car out of the garage one day and all the sudden your garage door doesn't work.  We often take the functionality of our garage door for granted, and rightfully so.  We expect it to work when we need it to. 

At San Diego Master Garage Door Repair we consider ourselves to be garage door professionals.  As such, we take great pride in being able to offer our customers the best service in garage doors needs.

We offer the following services for your garage door in San Diego:

•           Broken Spring Replacement

•           Garage Door Cable Replacement

•           Garage Door Roller Replacement

•           Garage Door Opener Service

•           Garage Door Alignment

•           General Garage Door Maintenance

Your garage door spring is a common item to break on your garage door.  These springs have a life cycle of about 10,000 cycles.  The typical home owner will run their garage door spring through roughly 1,500 cycles per year. When the time does come that your spring breaks you shouldn't hesitate in giving San Diego Master Garage Door a call.  To perform your garage door repair you'll want to make sure you hire the best in San Diego. The main reason for not performing this task yourself is because these springs have quite a bit of tension on them and can be dangerous to handle without the proper training.  This is why our garage door technicians have gone through extensive training before coming to perform your garage door repair.

The garage door cable is another common wear and tear item.  The garage door cable works together with your garage door spring to keep your garage door aligned.  If the door becomes misaligned it will bind and potentially cause damage to your garage door and the other components.

A garage door opener is the component responsible for powering the opening and closing of your garage door. Without this, you would need to open and close your garage door manually.  Perhaps that is what you are doing now?  Or, your current opener is old and worn out?  We can replace your garage door opener with a new one.  While we are at it we will ensure flawless operation of your garage door once the new garage door opener is installed.

When your garage door acts up, give San Diego Garage Door Repair a call!