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We are often being asked: What makes the technicians of San Diego Garage Doors and Gates so good, that every customer that used the services of San Diego Garage Doors and Gates, whether he need garage door repair, or roll up door repair has nothing but good words to say about the company!
To answer the questions what makes a good garage door technician, we will have to divide our answer into few sections, in each section we will try to address different reasons that makes our garage doors technicians to the leading garage door technicians in San Diego. This is what we think, and what we beeline is the thing that makes the difference between a company that have average of 5 stars review on Yelp and on Google, and a company that the reviews are range between 1-5 stars.
The information we bring here is our opinion, and how we decided to handle jobs whether it is a new garage door  installation or garage door repairs. We truly believe in the information we will bring here, since it is part of who we are, and part of what made us to the best garage doors company in San Diego.


Technician’s Customer Service

As you know, we have one motto: A technician should never leave a garage before he made sure, and then made sure again, that the door is safe for use, the door is working smoothly, and that the customer is 100% happy with the service. During 20 years of repairing and installing overhead doors in San Diego California, we learned that there are many different garages, different garage doors, and different people. And the repair that made a broken garage door, may not make a roll up gate work.
We, after 20 years of experience in the garage door field understand that. But the customer may not, and this is part of the garage door technician job: To explain the customer what the problem is, how to fix it (In case it is repairable), and to perform the repair.
The technician must confirm that the customer understood what the technician did, why he decided to do that, and the customer must know exactly what he is paying for. Ask each one of our customers in San Diego, and he will tell you that he know why he paid a certain amount of money, and what he paid for. By doing so, we make sure that no customer will remain with questions in his mind about the service.


Professional Garage Technician

Locating the problem is only part of the service. Locating the cause to the problem, and fixing it as well is as much important. For example: If the garage opener stopped working because the door itself is not working properly, and the garage door technician just replace the opener but ignored the problem with the door, the new opener will also break soon. As every garage door technician knows what makes, or garage door technician in San Diego, what makes the door going up so easily, and what make the garage door stay up and not fall to the ground are the spring system and the doors mechanism. And when there is something wrong with that, it affect the way the opener works.
We instruct all our garage doors technicians in California: If there is something wrong with the door, and the customer choose not to fix it, do not complete the service, and leave the location. When a technician from San Diego Garage Doors And Gates leave a job, he must leave behind overhead door that operate perfectly! There is no half repair, or partly repair. We do things the right way, or we choose not to do the job.

Garage technician and safety

Before we train our garage door technicians and teach them about the garage door, the mechanism of the door, or the roll up gate, we tell them one simple thing, but that should never be ignored: No garage door service worth an injury. Simple as that.
And at the same time, you should never even try and repair garage door if you are not completely sure that when you will complete the repair the door will be safe for use. We have responsibility, we have warranty, insurance, and we put our signature on every overhead door or rolling gate in San Diego California we fix. So we will never repair or attempt to repair a broken garage door or roll up gate in California, unless we know that when we will complete the repair, the door will work.


Commercial garage door technician

We train our technicians so they will be able to deal with both residential and commercial overhead doors in California. We believe that every professional garage door technician should be able  to deal with both residential and commercial garage doors.
The way commercial and residential garage doors operate is almost the same, just the door and the parts, and of course the tools needed to fix the doors or to install them are heavy duty parts and tools. Let’s just take the fact that a technician that want to be able to repair the heavy duty commercial overhead doors, or a commercial rolling gate in San Diego need to have a tall ladder, that will allow the technician to be able to fix the tall commercial gates that can be found in California.

New garage doors and updates

Garage door technician need to be aware of the latest changes, developments, and garage door solutions in the industry. Let’s just take for example the new Liftmaster Wi-Fi garageopener, that allow you to control your garage door from your smartphone, and that allow you to know every time someone is using the garage door even if you are not inside the house.
We make sure that our technician will be up to date with the tools, the parts and the knowledge. We train them to offer the customers the newest technology on the garage door industry, so the customer will know that he gets the newest product, whether it is a new garage door installation or roll up gate repairs.

Garage door technician’s tools

Every morning, a good garage door technician must go over the tools and the parts he has in the track, and make sure that there is nothing missing. He should have in his track parts that will be enough to service 90% of the types of overhead doors in California, and he should be able to service both commercial and residential garage doors.

The technician should always be available

If you own a garage door or a rolling gate, in San Diego or anywhere else in California, you probably know that there isn’t good time for overhead door to get stuck. It can happen early in the morning when you want to get your car out of the garage, or late at night when you are trying to close your store but the roll up gate refuse to close the store.
We at San Diego Garage Doors And Gates know that, so we have at least one technician ready for emergency calls. A good technician should be able to offer emergency garage door repairs, and to be able to help people who need the service right now.
You probably know that the weather in California can get tough at times, and the option of leaving the garage open the whole night, or to leave your business open until garage door technician will come to fix the gate is impossible. A technician should be available to take emergency service calls, and to get to the location ASAP.


Do it yourself vs hiring a technician

If you asked yourself if you better use a professional technician to fix your garage door, or you better watch garage door Videos and follow the instructions, there are few things you need to know, and that can prevent you from wasting time and money, and can even stop you from getting hurt while trying to fix a garage door by DIY instead of using a professional tech.
Things in real life are different than the virtual world, and the easiness of installing new garage opener as you watched on garage door Youtube Videos may turn to something complicated when you try to install the new garage opener yourself. We are not saying that there aren’t garage door repairs in San Diego that can be performed by DIY, but we say that sometime it is better to hire a qualified garage door technician for the job. Here is a list of reasons why NOT to try and repair the door by DIY:

  • You will need specific parts: Garage door tech carry in his track all the parts required to repair a broken garage door in San Diego. Some parts are universal, like garage remote control, or hinges, but some parts are unique and even custom made for the door, like garage torsion spring, and just locating the torsion spring for your garage door can be something impossible.
  • You will need specific tools: Garage door technician carry with him tools required to perform garage door repairs.  Just pair of torsion sticks, or tall ladder are tools that may be required for some garage door repairs, and that you will have to purchase in order to repair your broken garage door.
  • You will need help: Most likely, especially when it is a complicated garage door service, like new garage door installation in San Diego, or commercial overhead door repair, the job cannot be completed by one person. And besides, that, you may need help and assistance in case you will not be able to complete the repair by DIY.
  • Garage door and safety: Garage doors, especially broken ones can be dangerous. They may seem easy to operate and repair, but when something goes wrong, and the door or part of the door breaks, they can be dangerous and even deadly. If someone who isn’t qualified (As our garage door technicians are) will try and repair the door, it can end with serious injuries.

Garage Door Technician San Diego California

Our garage door technicians are qualified, trained, and can deal with any garage door problem. It can be a commercial garage door repair, or new garage door installation in California, the technicians of San Diego Garage Doors And Gates can provide with the solution. There are many types and kinds of overhead doors and roll up gates in San Diego, and we can deal with all of them.
You may need emergency rolling door repair or overhead door service, we can help. We offer emergency garage door repairs in San Diego, California, and our technicians are ready for any garage door project, simple maintenance, or complicated installation, we will be there for you. What important is to avoid trying to force the door or the gate to work, and call local garage door technician, who can deal with a broken garage door.


Garage Door Technician San Diego

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